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Together and strive for the best! How to change the paradigm?

Material in this article was received and placed on our website voltage regulator Crimea from the written application to us in November 2015 one of his regulars. The issues that he highlighted in this letter have been studied in detail and adopted by all units, "System LTD.". Because we respect every client, and Our motto "Hear the customer!" we agreed with the author of the publication of his letters in the public domain.
For all manufacturers of voltage stabilizers is an amazing opportunity to see the alternative side to the functionality and quality of products.

We have slightly changed the font and design of the letters for readability. Apologize in advance for some obscene speed, but as they say "from the song words can not erase!" (note "systems")

Dear colleagues!

the Development of electrical systems, household electrical appliances, the growth of energy consumption, entails new demands on the quality of electricity. Rooted requirements experts, fixed Standards on quality of electricity supplied to consumers does not always correspond to the development of these systems.

the Existing devices for the normalization of the voltage solve the problem of electricity is only partially and one-sided.

Technological progress, total computerization, new mobility solutions is rapidly breaking the established canons and standards make high demands and constantly new ways to improve products.

the Leaders in this market segment continue to pursue a passive policy development are often similar to the policy of stagnation and cloning of old technologies.

What you need? And why they don't want or can't conform to the world trend of technology development? What the energy experts (Expert Energy)?

This situation reminded me of a story about a wedding accordionist. Playing at weddings and earning some respect among potential customers, customers are often asked to perform popular hit Lambada . Stubbornly resisting learning new things, and simply understanding the customer requirements for which they are willing to pay money, our hero, has a straightforward answer: Guys, dear! Here's a "polka dance" - you!"

the impression that in this direction, we are dealing with a conspiracy as a wedding accordion. And no, the Antimonopoly Committee they do not judge! For 20 years, the flagships of the domestic stalprom ☺ in fact produce the same device, stubbornly not wanting to do what we want, something that requires them to world progress!

Imagine the telephone, 20 years ago, with a suitcase for the batteries.

And what do we want? I'll try to summarize:

  • My car is "old German car industry", starts with a remote, from the balcony, and while I'm going down, warmed up and ready to start.
  • My refrigerator, can be programmed to store five types of products.
  • My washing machine can wash any type of clothes, in any mode, in any time interval.
  • My TV contains widgets, Skype, Youtube, Email, in addition to viewing TV.

Note that in addition to the basic functions, all of these devices contain socially oriented, smoothing a lot of problems that adorn our lives.

And here, my stabilizer, my ex-wife "penny" kept in the scrap, but to go by the rules (the old standard) can not! And is alas, as my TV or a new fridge, which by the way more, and probably smarter than him in the order.

Dear manufacturers!

I Have a 3rd stabilizer, I'm not talking about energy, about power, not saying that they do not meet the passport data, state Standards, requirements of experts (Expert), I just want their money, and not small:

  • to Obtain the current device, which as my hours will be reported on the rhythms and beats to the frequency of the mains.
  • to Inform about the outage and the inclusions of electricity, all of the problems on my human language! Now and not after Your miracle device I brought to the service center.
  • I want I saw on my phone what's going on in the mains of my house.
  • I want a device formed problem reports and I was able to operate them in conversations with the provider.

Thank you for your understanding!

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